How to Order

In Stock: Choose the item you would like. The quantity available for the item will be displayed. If you attempt to order more than the quantity indicated your order will be rejected as we do not take back orders on in stock items. Please contact customer service to find out how you can place an order for larger quantities than available in stock.

Semi-Custom Designs: Designs shown in the Shop by Design category are considered Semi-Custom products. You can change the colors and add text and/or logos to these designs, but you cannot change the based pattern. To place the order choose the design you like and use the product options to change the colors, add text and upload logos.

Design Your Own: Start by opening the design your own product. Then click the Mask builder button at the bottom of the product to open the designer program. Once you are in the program choose from the available templates and use the tools on the right to change colors, add text, and place images on to your design. Once finished save your design, review and then submit your order.